Our beautiful beaches and exotic wildlife here in Sri Lanka are threatened by the disease that is plastic pollution. Here at Eco-Spindles, we are committed to turning this waste into value added products, including cleaning equipment and recycled yarn. Already, we recycle about 250mt of plastic waste a month – but more needs to be done. Corporate partners, with their initiatives and our expertise, are vital to healing our nation. Be it collection bins with their signage, cleaning selected areas, or support with their CSR initiatives- collaboration is encouraged and necessary. The products we create range from cleaning products, to yarn- that is then used to make high fashion clothes and apparel for the world’s leading brands.

At Eco-Spindles, we pride ourselves on our ability to convert renewable resources into innovative products. Due to our collaboration with the MAS sustainability team and the Sri Lankan navy, we are able to collect bottles across hundreds of miles our coastline. These bottles are then brought to our collection points, baled, transported to our washing plant in Horana, sorted and washed. The washed bottles are converted to flakes, which are then spun into yarn in Sri Lanka’s first ever spinning facility,. Our work has met international ethical and environmental standards, and we continue to strive to benefit all stakeholders in these operations.

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