Based in Sri Lanka, Eco Spindles has three highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art factories offering substantial and extensive inventory and rapid production roll-out.

At our facility in Horana, the collected PET bottles are sorted, cleaned and then recycled into flakes. This facility has a capacity to recycle up to 300 metric tonnes of flakes each month.

The facility in Maugama uses these flakes and other plastic materials to produce Polypropylene, Nylon and PET based monofilaments for cleaning tools and paint brushes. The produced monofilaments are then sold to our sister company Beira Brush (Private) Limited, other brush manufacturers and exported directly to customers worldwide.

The third and the most technologically advanced facility is located in the Horana BOI Zone where polyester yarn for fabrics are produced. Once again PET flakes are used as input.

The PET flakes are used to manufacture recycled draw textured polyester such as raw white and dope dyed yarn. Based on customer requirements, colour pigments can be inserted at the time of manufacture.

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