• PET is designed for recycling
  • Saves energy
  • Helps reduce CO2
  • Prevents land filling & water pollution
  • Emits zero liquid discharge
  • Conserves the environment
  • Provides a lifeline for income generation

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Our Projects

BPPL Inaugurates Sri Lanka’s First Ever Polyester Yarn Production Facility

Synonymous with pioneering advancements in manufacturing, BPPL Holdings PLC (BPPL), among the top brush makers in Asia, recently inaugurated the country’s first ever state-of-the-art polyester yarn plant.

The facility is another milestone for BPPL, spearheaded by wholly owned subsidiary Eco-Spindles (Pvt) Ltd, towards bringing forth the advantages of innovative sustainability where yarn is produced exclusively from recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, commonly known as PET flakes.

As a future oriented company, Eco Spindles is recognised as a pioneer manufacturer, synonymous throughout the industry for producing synthetic monofilaments for cleaning tools, synthetic monofilaments for paint brushes and polyester yarn for fabric.

As a driving and innovative force continually setting new standards in the industry, Eco Spindle’s technologically advanced new yarn facility, located in the Horana BOI Zone, has an impressive 13,000 sq. meter area and a capacity to produce approximately 960 tonnes of synthetic yarn per annum for local and globally renowned fabric manufacturers.

Impressively, this is only one of two plants globally which creates yarn directly from flakes circumventing the polymerization process where flakes are first converted to chips and then to yarn.

The raw material for the plant’s yarn is sourced through post-consumer (waste) PET bottle collections. Eco Spindle’s well-established network of over 125 collection points set-up across the country ensures nearly 200-250 tonnes of PET waste is amassed each month.

The PET bottles are then sorted, hot and cold washed prior to being transformed into flakes and finally, into recycled draw textured polyester yarn. This polyester yarn is available in both raw white and dope dyed yarn forms.

Another value addition is the plant’s dope dying capabilities offering colour pigmentation insertion as part of the extrusion process.

“We are extremely proud of our accomplishment in inaugurating Sri Lanka’s first ever yarn production facility. Propelling the country towards greater recognition, the factory’s state-of-the-art spinning and texturing machinery from Europe will make it a game-changer for the industry,” said Dr. Anush Amarasinghe, BPPL Managing Director.

“Additionally, with the global apparel industry moving towards creating more sustainable products and processes, BPPL sees tremendous potential for its recycled polyester yarn offering” added Dr. Amarasinghe.

Eco Spindle’s quality compliance, including Global Recycled Standard (GRS), Restricted Substances Lists (RSL) and Oekotex Standard 100 ensures the produced yarn meets stringent international standards.

The plant is managed by an experienced workforce of over 40 staff including consultants and operators with over 15 years of experience from countries such as Germany and India.

Kataragama Festival PET clean-up drive “Gives Back Life” to 3 Tonnes of PET Bottles. A range of durable cleaning products to be manufactured from the collected PET bottles.

Thursday, 17 August 2017, Colombo: Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Ltd recently supported and sponsored the effective clean-up of PET bottles following the large crowds gathered at the Kataragama Festival. It was a community-driven sustainable initiative with the partnership between Coca-Cola, Beira Enviro Solutions Ltd (part of BPPL Holdings) and the Kataragama Committee to collect and recycle PET during and after the Kataragama Festival from 24 th July till 10 th August 2017.

Bottled water, fruit juices and carbonated soft drinks are packaged in 100% recyclable PET plastic bottles. Since PET is completely recyclable, Coca-Cola partnered with Beira to “Give Back Life” to these used, empty PET bottles which would otherwise have possibly journeyed to garbage dump sites. Coca-Cola’s extended producer responsibility ensured education, awareness and capacity-building initiatives towards an individual’s responsibility towards recycling, as well as the importance of community-driven, sustainable initiatives in PET collection, recycling and waste management practices.

The widespread garbage littering witnessed during the days of the Festival reflects poorly on one of the most important cultural and religious events in the country. The PET clean-up drive not only improved the immediate surroundings but also encouraged festival participants to take individual initiative. Ensuring an end-to- end approach to the littering issue during the festivities, 1000 liter and 5000 liter bins were placed in easily accessible locations around the venue for the festival participants to responsibly dispose of their PET bottles. It was a completely hands-on initiative by the organisers with volunteers from Coca-Cola participating on the day to lead the awareness programme in driving recognition of the universal symbol for the PET package – the number ‘1’ in the recycling symbol.

PET bottles collected by the volunteers Upcycled products made from PET bottles

PET bottles collected by the volunteers Upcycled products made from PET bottles Coca-Cola sales associates who oversee the Kataragama area (under the Matara Sales Area) joined hands with volunteers from Beira and the Kataragama Environmental Society in the clean-up efforts of the Kataragama Festival, with the PET collection being managed by Beira. To ensure true environmental responsibility and sustainability, all items in the clean-up drive had to be recycled or reused including gloves and poly-bags. The PET collection was facilitated on the days with the mobilisation of lorries - and this allowed for an astonishing 3 tonnes of PET to be collected.

Mayank Arora, Managing Director of Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Ltd said “Coca-Cola in Sri Lanka is committed to promoting PET collection and recycling initiatives in Sri Lanka. We are thankful to all the volunteers who dedicated their time to drive this important initiative and took action to preserve their environment. Giving back Life to 3,000 Kilograms of PET bottles will be accomplished when the collected PET is upcycled to manufacture a range of durable cleaning products for both professional and household applications by Beira Enviro Solutions.”

Dr. Anush Amarasinghe, CEO - Beira Enviro Solutions, “We are delighted to champion community action to ensure PET recycling and waste management with such a partner as Coca-Cola. We are grateful to the Kataragama Committee including the local authorities to having acknowledged the importance of setting an example for the community to take steps in mitigating their own individual waste footprint. Responsible disposal of post-consumed packages and recycling should be considered as a duty of all citizens in Sri Lanka. Beira looks forward to working with Coca-Cola to recycle PET bottles across the nation.”

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