About Eco Spindles (Pvt) Ltd.

Eco-Spindles (Private) Limited is recognized as a pioneer in manufacturing top quality monofilaments for cleaning tools and yarn for fabric manufacturers worldwide.

Formerly known as Beira Enviro Solutions (Private) Limited, we see ourselves as a driving and innovative force continually setting new standards in a dynamic industry.

As a future oriented company, our research and development is driven by energy-efficiency and sustainable technologies. We are synonymous throughout the industry for producing synthetic monofilaments for cleaning tools, synthetic monofilaments for paint brushes and polyester yarn for fabrics.

An important core vision remains to strive ahead towards maintaining environmental standards throughout our business process, addressing emerging trends and meeting evolving consumer expectations.

The Eco Spindles synthetic yarn production facility is a first for Sri Lanka and another milestone towards the next generation of innovative sustainability where yarn is produced exclusively from recycled PET flakes.

Impressively this is only one of two plants globally with the capability to create yarn directly from flakes circumventing the polymerization process seen at other plants where flakes are first converted to chips and then to yarn. Our dope dying capabilities where colour pigments can be inserted as part of the extrusion process is another value addition, bypassing the need to discharge coloured waste as we take pride in all our sustainable manufacturing processes. This technologically advanced facility with state-of-the-art spinning machinery enhances our current and future production capabilities ensuring long-term success.

Eco Spindles also manufactures a comprehensive range of monofilament products using recycled PET and other plastic materials to produce filaments for the Groups’ own brushware requirements and for other global brush manufacturers.

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